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Directions to Park

The entrance to the park is on Canyon View Ave. near the intersection of Jamboree Road in Orange.

By expanding the Google Trail map on the right you can easily ascertain the best way depending on your location.

The parking fee is $3. The parking lot closes at 7:30.  There is ample parking inside the park.  In addition, due to its proximity to residential neighborhoods there are multiple places of entry with related street parking. 

Park Hours
7:00 am to sunset.  Note parking lot closes at 7:30.

Dogs are allowed in the park.

There are 2 restrooms; one located at the main park entrance and the other at the south entrance.  The only water fountain is at the main park entrance.  See map on right.

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Peters Canyon Regional Park

Peters Canyon Regional Park is a great little fitness park.  There is a small lake with no recreational benefits (eg. fishing, boating...) and there are some descent views from the hills, but for the most part this park is frequented by Peters Canyonthose looking to get some exercise; mostly runners and mountain bikers.

The beauty of the park is it allows you to go either flat or get in some serious hill work.  If you want to stay flat you can go around the lake and stay on Peters Canyon Trail and return for roughly 5 miles.  Conversely, for the same miles, you can substitute the Peters Canyon Trail with East Ridge View Trail and hit the hills.  And of course you can do one leg flat and the other hills if you wish ... as I suspect most do.

Peters Canyon Regional Park is an urban park, while there are some decent views of the Santa Ana Mountains and the surrounding areas, most views include back yards and swimming pools.  There is no sense of isolation or wilderness.

The following map is provided by OC Parks:
Map Peters Canyon
Click here to view larger map

I've noted two trails which cover the majority of the park ... Lake View Loop and East Ridge Loop:

Trail Info...
Trail Name Distance Elevation Gain Difficulty
Lake View Loop 2.5 miles 150' Easy
East Ridge Loop w/Lake View Loop 5.8 miles 350' Moderate

Trails and Map

Lake View Loop Trail (2.5 miles)
--  Surprisingly, for most of this lLakeoop, you can't see the lake (Peters Canyon Reservoir) stemming from the thick vegetation.  Starting at the north corner of the parking lot you proceed west along Lake View Trail, which is a wide and flat trail circling the lake.  There is one moderate hill you about a mile into it.  After 0.7 miles you get to a junction.  You can proceed straight and go up the hill or take Cactus Point Trail which provides a view of the lake.  We'll turn left on Cactus Point and take a look at the lake. After gazing Lake View Trailat the lake for a few minutes continue along Cactus Point Trail until it reconnects with Lake View Trail and turn left.  Shortly you'll proceed up the only noticeable hill on the trail.  At the top you have another nice view of the lake and then it's down the hill.  At the bottom of hill is Peters Canyon Trail; we'll turn left and head back to the parking lot.  Along the way you'll go through the only real wooded area in the park.

East Ridge View Trail including Lake View Loop (5.8 miles) --  With this loop we can have some fun.  Picking up from the above, where Lake View HillTrail connects with Peters Canyon Trail...we'll turn right instead of left.  Immediately in front of us we see a "Y" junction (see photo) with the trail on the left going up a hill...we'll take that one.  This begins the most noticeable climb of the day with an immediate elevation gain of 250'.  This section of Peters Canyon Regional Park, both the East Ridge View Trail and the East Ridge View Traillower Peters Canyon Trail, are extremely popular with runners and bikers.  The East Ridge View Trail is 1.5 miles long and is a series of up and down hills.  The trail is wide and in excellent shape, especially ideal for running.  Most bikers don't seem care what shape a trail is in as long as it's fun.  At the end of EastEucalyptus Trail Ridge View Trail you proceed down Eucalyptus Trail, a short 0.3 miles until in connects with Peters Canyon Trail which takes us back.  Eucalyptus Trail is aptly named and provides a tiny bit of shade.  Once on Peters Canyon Trail it's wide open and completely flat.  It's perhaps the most popular section in the park with plenty of runners, bikers and folks out for a stroll.  In a little over 2 miles you'll be back in the parking lot. For a pictorial presentation of this park click here.
This is one of the best running parks in the guide.  The trails are wide open, in good Runnershape, and offer the runner an option of flat or hilly terrain.  As noted above, Lake View Trail is almost completely flat (only one hill of any consequence) and Peters Canyon Trail is entirely flat.  Conversely, you can get some serious hill work in by including East Ridge View Trail.  In addition, with the exception of Lake View Trail, the trails fairly straight.  The multiple points of entry into the park undoubtedly make this a favorite destination for the local runners.

This certainly isn't one of the most challenging mountain biking parks Bikerin the guide.  There really isn't much in the way of technical challenge and the park is void of any descent single-tracks but if you live close most definitely provides an opportunity to get some work in.  East Ridge View Trail has just enough hills to get your heart pumping and enough down-hills to get some serious speed.  All-in-all it's one of those places that will make you fitter and better able to take on more challenging places in Orange County.

Peters Canyon Regional Park is not likely to be a place you'll look forward to hiking.  HikersThe scenery is below average, in fact you're surrounded by housing tracts, and there are none of those classic old growth oaks and sycamores you find in so many of the other parks (a minor exception are the trees along Willow Trail and this section is often closed to the public).  But people do hike here and in bunches.  The reason is's a great place to get some exercise.  You can take an easy stroll along Peters Canyon Trail or take on the more strenuous East Ridge View Trail.  As previously mentioned, the multiple points of entry make this a favorite with nearby residents.

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